Kittie Jones

Kittie is a painter and printmaker – she produces small edition screen prints, unique multi-layered monotypes, charcoal and ink wash drawings and mixed media paintings on paper. Kittie's practice begins out in the field where she is inspired by the creatures that inhabit the natural world – work made outdoors provides a starting point for prints and paintings, or increasingly become an end in themselves.

'I am interested in the interaction between man and nature; this leads me to depict birds in my work. Birds form a direct relationship with man - wherever we are there are always birds to be seen. Birds have captured man's imagination for thousands of years and form a large part of our mythology. My work seeks to share with others my experiences in the natural world and to celebrate the rich diversity of British wildlife. I am inspired by the way in which the natural world stubbornly and doggedly continues despite man's constant efforts to eradicate and control it.'


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