Tse & Tse

Tsé & Tsé associées: Twenty Years of Stainless Optimism

Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois have been drawing objects they then have manufactured, before distributing them all over the world under the name Tsé & Tsé associées. The cheerful soundness of their intuition has allowed them to build a completely independent structure, and to remain free to choose their own projects. They’ve been able to run their own risks and have produced unexpected objects they were the only ones to believe in to start off with: the April Vase, the Cubist Garland and the Famished Plates, which have all become timeless bestsellers, often copied and never equalled.

Their taste for long-lasting, easy-to-live-with objects has taken them far from the ephemeral waves of fashion. It’s not easy to date their objects… The latter are neither long-winded nor ostentatious: you appreciate them when you use them. They are indeed sincere and practical, but they also like to surprise and please, stepping slightly aside from the usual, with beautiful colours and twinkling, humouristic references.

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