Linogravures: Deux Femmes Pres De La Fenetre

Linogravures: Deux Femmes Pres De La Fenetre

By: Pablo Picasso



Original linocut after and approved by Picasso for 'Picasso Linogravures', 1962.  These linocuts were first issued in signed editions of fifty by Galerie Louise Leiris, printed by Arnéra. Because of the “reduction” method invented and used by Picasso, which uses just one plate of linoleum instead of a separate one for each colour, it was impossible to make any more prints from the original plates. Therefore in collaboration with Picasso and Galerie Louise Leiris, new linoleum plates were made at 42% of the original size, and it was from these that the above prints were made. Ref: Bloch 909.  Published in 1962 by Cercle D'Art, Paris, France. Size unmounted: 28cm x 33cm. Mounted using double-thick museum quality mountboard. In fine condition.


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