Mes Dessins D'Antibes: IV

Mes Dessins D'Antibes: IV

By: Pablo Picasso



Lithograph after the original drawing by Pablo Picasso. No. 166 from the edition of 350. Published by Au Pont Des Arts, Paris, France. Printed on velin d'arches with the original watermark. Size unmounted: 65cm x 50cm. Shadow mounted in double thick cream museum quality mountboard. Mounted size: 89cm x 75cm. In fine condition.

The suite "Mes Dessins d'Antibes" consists of sixteen lithographs on velin d'Arches pur Chiffon (by Daniel Jacomet) representing the ancient Greece of Antibes, known as Antipolis. Published in Paris during 1958, this grand work reproduces the magnificent original Picasso drawings of 1946. 

Here Picasso utilised possibly for the first time the lithographic technique, reproduced here almost in monochrome to recreate the austere mythological interaction of the Centaur, the Nymph and the Faun, a constant theme in Picasso's post-war period. The lithographs are of a good large size and are all in fine condition.


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