Diurnes: Decoupage Et Photographies

Picasso, Pablo, Villers, Andre & Prevert, Jacques


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Published by Berggruen, France, 1962. First edition. Folio. Size: 32.5cm x 41.2cm. Text in French by Jacques Prevert. Number 195 from the edition of 1000. Includes 30 loose phototype and pochoir plates by Picasso and Villers each in an individually-titled paper sleeve in cloth-bound slipcase which is printed with an original lithograph by Picasso. Each print measures 29cm x 38cm and is numbered on the reverse. In 1953 Pablo Picasso went to live in the French city of Vallauris, near the Côte d’Azur, in order to experiment at its ceramic workshops. During his long stay he met the photographer André Villers. There began a close working relationship between the 72-year-old artist and the young 23-year-old photographer which would become a deep friendship. Picasso and Villers, fascinated by the richness of their place of residence, Provence, embarked on an intense creative process which would lead to the making of the suite ‘Diurnes’ (from the Latin ‘diurnus’, of the day) in 1962. It was published with texts by the poet Jacques Prévert. The portfolio, which brings together photographic and lithographic techniques, is one of the few works in which Picasso used photography as a means of expression. Through superimposing and applying découpages (paper cuts) of figures, Picasso recreated his mythical imaginary over the evocative black and white landscapes captured by Villers’ camera and their remarkable results are exhibited in this portfolio. The slipcase has a very minor rub to the cloth to the base of the spine but is otherwise is in fine, clean condition with the cloth being exceptionally bright and without the usual dustiness. Wraparound paper sleeve in fine condition. The plates are very bright and clean and in fine condition. Complete sets are now very scarce as so many have been broken up for their plates and this is by far the best copy that we have handled in nearly thirty years.